Korina Sanchez to create new show called “Korina Sanchez 720” in response to “Anderson Cooper 360”


Respected news anchor and ABS-CBN journalist Korina Sanchez is making plans to create a new show called Korina Sanchez 720, which is a direct response to the Anderson Cooper 360 show, which was hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Cooper and Sanchez have been involved in a public war of words over comments Anderson made during his coverage of the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda. Anderson stated in his televised report that he saw no organized relief effort from the Philippine government. Korina criticized Anderson, saying that he, “did not know what he was talking about”. Anderson responded on CNN, asking Korina to go to Tacloban and see the devastation for herself, since she was married to Mar Roxas and could arrange a trip. Most journalists, even within ABS-CBN, agreed with Anderson’s assessment of the government response.

Korina was reportedly suspended for a week by ABS-CBN. Although the official word is that she had taken week vacation.

Sources in the Sanchez camp has confirmed that she is in talks with ABS-CBN executives for the new show starting next year. “Everyone knows that 720 is better than 360”, said the confidential source. “360 is looking at the news once from every angle. But we are going to look at it twice from every angle. Sure, it is more work, but we are better and more determined news organization.”

UPDATE: 11/22/2013 9:35 PM

The Sanchez camp has now confirmed that the show will now be called Korina Sanchez 1080. “Why should we be content with looking at a news report twice, when we can look at it thrice!!!”, said the same confidential source. No word yet when this new show will hit the air.

UPDATE 2: 11/22/2013 11:45 PM

“Korina Sanchez 3600, that is the final name of the show”, sources say from the Korina Sanchez camp. “We will keep looking at the same news report again and again and again, until we have been around the news item 10 items. Who knows? We might not even stop at 10. This is just to show everyone that I am better, I mean, 3600 is better than 360.”

UPDATE 3: 11/23/2013 12:25 AM

Sources inside of ABS-CBN have given Agila News exclusively, the official name of the new Korina Sanchez news show. “It will be called Korina Sanchez Infinity + 1, no take back, no touch move, forever and ever, ako ang panalo, beh-lat! “, said the source, who is a senior production executive within the ABS-CBN news division. “The title may seem long, but I think it is exactly what we need to show that we are the ONLY source of accurate news. ANYWHERE”


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