OFW pleasantly surprised to find out that his wife has only been sleeping with his best friend

“I’m just glad it is someone that I actually know”, said Roy Tuazon in an exclusive interview with Agila News via Skype. “Working for over 2 years as an engineer in Dubai, you cannot help but think about your family. We always wonder: Is what I am sending enough or Are my kids happy or Who is boinking my wife? I need not wonder any longer.”

Mr. Tuazon continues, “I am now relieved to know that if Gladys isn’t at home taking care of our children, she is probably at my best friends studio apartment that always smells like Lysol and cat food.”

Roy reminds us about the reality of the situation, “Am I happy about that Gladys is sleeping with another man? Of course not! But my wife is not sleeping with another man. She is sleeping with my main man, Jimboy!”

“Growing up, Jimboy and I would talk about marrying the same woman. Well, this is the next best thing!”, Mr Tuazon tells us with a smile on his face.

Roy defends his stance on the affair by stating, “A lot of people might be thinking that this situation is bad, unacceptable and downright wrong. But, it could be a LOT worse. For example, my wife could be sleeping with my brother. Now that would be bad. But, Gladys assured me that that relationship stopped about the same time that she and Jimboy started doing the horizontal cha-cha.”

Agila News tried to reach Gladys for a comment, but Jimboy’s apartment was locked.


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