Liberal Arts graduate looking forward to weekend after stressful week of asking parents for money

“They are so very proud of me!”

Isabel Lopez is finally getting the break she deserves.

The Liberal Arts graduate from a prestigious university in Manila is excited for a fun weekend with friends. This comes after a long and stressful week of asking her parents for allowance & gimik money.

The 25 year-old told Agila News about her especially tough week. “Oh my gosh! I was, like, almost fainting already from all the stuff I had to do! I had to wake up really early to talk to my momsy before going to the palengke so I can get some cash for my morning Starbucks coffee. And then, I had to run to my dad before he went to the office so I can get some gas money too! This was my routine, literally, everyday! It’s so hard kaya to wake up early when you have a hangover!”

Isabel wanted to reassure our faithful readers that this was not all she did this week. “Before all you peoples want to judge me, I want to tell you that I help around the house. Aba, just this week, I told my mom, ‘MOM! The WiFi is so slow! How can I watch all funny and cute cat videos on YouTube when our internet is so freakin’ slow?!'”

Regarding her career, Ms. Lopez tells Agila News, “I have sent out my resume everywhere. I’ve gotten some offers naman. But they wanted me to work at least 8 hours a day and 5 days a week! Hello?!? Do I look like a farmer? I did not barely graduate so that I can be stuck in a cubicle with a bunch of losers!”

When asked about her plans for the weekend, Isabel replied, “There is so much I want to do. But it all depends on how much money my parents give me.”


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