NBA to distribute information sheets for people who only watch during the Finals

“Which one is Steph Curry again?” “The one with ‘Curry’ written on the uniform”

As the NBA finals approach, fans around the world are excited to have some of their season-long questions finally answered. Questions like, “Will LeBron James finally bring a championship to his hometown of Cleveland?” and “Can Stephen Curry and the Warriors bring another title to Golden State after almost 40 years?”.

But friends, family and office mates of NBA fans watch too. And they also need answers to questions. Questions like, “Since when did LeBron go back to Cleveland? Wasn’t he in Miami?” and “Why do you have to shoot in 24 seconds?”

Thankfully, the NBA has compiled a list of answers to questions that most temporary and passing fans may have. Agila News got a sneak peek at the information sheet. Check it out below:

Q. How many games are played during the Finals?
A. It’s a best of 7 series.

Q. Where is Kobe Bryant?
A. Still with the Lakers

Q. I like the Lakers
A. That’s not a question

Q. Which team is Kobe Paras in?
A. He is still in High School

Q. I stopped watching when Michael Jordan stopped playing
A. Again. Not a question

Q. Jordan is the best
A. Yep. Alright. Can I get back to the gam-

Q. Who is the coach of the Golden State Warriors?
A. Steve Kerr. Yes, that Steve Kerr. The one who played in Chicago. Yes, he was a very good 3 point shooter.

Q. Who is the coach of Cleveland?
A. David Blatt

Q. Who???
A. David Blatt was the former coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv, an Israeli basketball team. This is his first year coaching the Cavaliers. Both coaches in the finals are both in their rookie year which is a first in NBA histo-

Q. Is Tim Duncan still playing?
A. ….. sigh. Yes, he is still playing.

Q. I like Tim Duncan
A. I’m sure you do

What did you think of the list? Did it answer all your questions? Will you finally stop bugging me and let me enjoy the damn game??!


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