Guy Finds Solution To All Of Philippines’ Problems After Working In Singapore For Five Weeks

Move over Poe, Duterte, and Roxas. A 25yo Turbo C Programmer has come forth claiming that he has finally figured out the solution to every problem ailing his native country. A native of Baranay Sangangdaan, Caloocan City- Bobby Tumungan is proud to say that working in Singapore has given extra insight to figure out why we’re still a third world country and how we can make it better.

He’s figured it all out

“Working abroad gives you perspective eh,” Bobby happily shares, “You learn to compare things and you get the time to think about the poor state of the Philippines.”

Mr. Tumungan has been very generous in sharing his insights on the matter. “First we need to eliminate poverty. Singapore is very rich so we need to become rich too. We can do this by making sure there are no poor Filipinos. I know now because I’ve seen what rich people can do to their country – make it first-world.”

From the difficult topic of socioeconomic imbalance, Bobby then moves on to environmental concerns. “Then there’s pollution. We need to eliminate pollution because nobody likes it. You know in Singapore, it’s very nice because there’s no pollution. That’s not the case here in the Philippines. It’s sad and we need to fix it.”

Asked when what are more concrete plans that he can suggest to work on these things, Bobby shook his head. “Those are just minor details. I can’t concern myself with them. I’m a visionary now because I’ve seen how great our country can become. That’s the problem with us Filipinos eh. We just don’t see the big picture. I’ve been to Singapore. Everybody in the Philippines should go here to understand what I’m talking about.”

Worth noting that Bobby was in Singapore for five weeks working as a babysitter for his older brother’s kid while he tried to send out job applications to companies at the same time. So far, according to Bobby, the companies have not replied and are still processing his resume and trying to find the best way to utilize him as a prized resource.

Asked whether Bobby has any plans running for office, Bobby replied, “I think I want to go back to Singapore ‘na lang.

When we also checked with Bobby’s best friend, Norbert Perez, on what he thought about Bobby’s theories. He simply replied “Puta, edi wow!”


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