Man Surprised To Not Find Any Whalesharks in Pansol

From dream vacation to a waking nightmare. That’s what 34yo Chavit Gonzales felt as he realized last Sunday that his out-of-town trip took on a very bizarre detour. “I kept on hearing it before, that you can swim with the whale sharks in either Oslob or Pansol. I’ve seen the pictures from the Facebook posts of my friends so I decided I wanted to one day swim with the sharks.”

Not today.
Not today.

After saving money for the better part of a year, Chavit researched how to get to Pansol and then took the first JAC liner to the province. Unfortunately for Chavit, upon arriving from Pansol, there were no Whale Sharks, or sea for that matter.

“Nobody told me that Pansol was in Laguna!” an emotional Chavit shared to Agila News. “All I could see were hot spring resorts, stores selling inflatable toys, and Collette’s buko pie.”

When asked if he actually meant Donsol, a province in Sorsogon famous for actual beaches and Whalesharks, Chavit shook his head. “Diba pareho lang yun?” (Aren’t they the same?)

Unable to do anything about it anymore, Chavit has resolved that he will just enjoy his vacation by buying an inflatable shark and swimming at Lona’s Hotspring Resort and Grill. “They say that sometimes the whalesharks don’t visit even during peak season.” He maintains a positive outlook in life.

“I guess it happens. Hopefully not again. I’ll just look forward to  when I visit Tokyo and Osaka in Gapan next month.”


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