44M Filipinos sick & tired of vacation happily head back to work today

Over 44 million Filipinos are finally headed back to work today, January 4th 2016, after a grueling and exhausting 2-week vacation.

Pictured: Road to Happiness

“I was hanging out and partying with family & friends all day, and then waking up whenever I wanted. I almost went crazy, ” said Joel Guinto, a Network Engineer based in Makati. “I couldn’t wait to get back to my soul-sucking job wherein I wait for the sweet release of death everyday.”

“During my vacation, I reconnected with high school friends; finally went on a date with my college crush; spent an amazing Christmas in Baguio, then watched the New Years fireworks with my family from Manila Bay. And I would gladly give up all those experiences and memories, just so my office could start 1 hour sooner. I am a Junior Accountant first, and a human being second. ” said Romnick Roberto, an Junior Accountant first, and a human being second.

Jane Barreda, a lawyer from Quezon City talked about her driving experience during the holidays. “Zipping along EDSA with no other cars and arriving at any destination in under 20 minutes was sickening. I’m glad things are back to normal now. I left the house today at 530AM. I’m still on EDSA now, and will probably arrive at office just in time to leave the office.”

On a related note, MMDA is advising Metro Manila residents and office workers to avoid Metro Manila because 44 million fucking people are headed to work today.


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