Filipinos To Celebrate 1st EDSA Traffic Jam With Reenactment


The EDSA People Power Revolution Commission is gearing up for the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the historic uprising by setting up a museum in the middle of the road to allow Filipinos to experience the Martial Law years and the subsequent EDSA revolt.

And apparently, the historic horrendous traffic it generated.

The MMDA has announced via its Facebook page that it will be closing the entirety of White Plains Avenue going to EDSA from February 14 to 29 in line with the streetside museum.

Understandably, this is expected to generate rage-inducing ungodly amounts of traffic.

Part of the reason for this is to remind the Filipino what it was like 30 years ago to not care about the EDSA Revolution and still be unable to go home to their families on the same day they leave their office.

EDSA People Power Revolution Commission Constable for Historical Events Mark “Big Poppa Pump” Dimakatarungan explained in a presscon this afternoon: “I still remember  being stranded because I could not pass by EDSA during that time. People need to remember the sacrifice I went through of sleeping inside my car. Ambaho ko nun! HAHAHAHAHA.”

In February 1986, a popular reaction to save a failed coup attempt caused people to flock EDSA to prevent the police and military from clashing with the coup plotters . This was later called the EDSA or People Power revolution.

Another significance of this time is that this was the first time EDSA actually became horribly traffic, stranded commuters, and caused bladder-filled car owners to start peeing in empty water bottles out of desperation. This horrible traffic situation will also be celebrating its 30 year anniversary along with the “People Power” revolt.

“Alam mo yung feeling na wiwing-wiwi ka na tapos wala pa rin galawan sa may Shaw Boulevard kasi ayaw bumaba ni Marcos? Lintik yun, ” Constable Makatarungan quipped, “Gunitain din natin yun.”


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