Duterte cusses at Philippine President : “Wag syang makilalam. Mumurahin ko talaga sya sa mukha nya.”

“Wag syang makikialam.”

In the latest development of Rodrigo Duterte’s other war: his war with words, the Philippine president accidentally cursed at the Philippine president, at himself. He said these strong words during a press conference held after gracing the graduation ceremony of the latest batch of preschoolers in ‘Lil Salamangkera Daycare center in Bagong Ilog, Pasig early Monday.

Since taking to power, Duterte has been consistently  in the headlines around the world for his scathing remarks and cusses against leaders of various  countries. Although allegedly mostly taken out of context, these statements have been largely controversial, and now it seems, even the current Head of State of his own country, the Philippines, has not been spared.

“P*tanginga nya kung makikialam sya,” Duterte said, “I take my war on drugs seriously and anybody and I mean anybody who tries to politicize my efforts is my enemy. Putangina. Wag syang makikialam. Mumuhrahin ko talaga sya sa mukha nya.”

The statement came about when BANATAN reporter Marvin Manlibog asked him a totally -not-leading question:  “Mr. President, what can you say about the efforts of the current head of state of the Republic of the Islands That Used to Be Colonized By Spain, Japan and the United States – the Philippines,  who has repeatedly contradicted your statements on the War on Drugs?”

This totally-not-intentional poorly worded question infuriated President Duterte beyond reasoning and triggered a lecturing spiel that ensured that the journalists  will not have to look for any other news for the next seven days and just spend their time rehashing different reactions from all over the internet.

“Boom panes,” a reporter was quoted saying after updating the scoreboard on who gets to rile Duterte up and make him cuss the most.

When Duterte was asked what he had to say on what  Duterte said against Duterte, Duterte replied “Duterte says what Duterte thinks Duterte does without caring what Duterte feels about it. Ganyan lang talaga ako.”

Spokesperson Martin Andanar insists after the presconn that Duterte was in fact not cussing at himeself. The spiel was directed at the reporters. And that he was taken out of context as he was actually rapping the lyrics of his favorite Salbakuta song, “S2pid Luv”

Analysts are now trying to see if the rap lyrics match the speech.



  1. Poor satire. Those who enjoyed this are either your friends or yourself. Stop the circlejerk and contribute to society you dumbass.


  2. I was living and working in Russia (and afterwards Ukraine) before and during the rise of Vladimir Putin. I saw first-hand how the politics of Putin caused the elimination of most of the free press in Russia and Ukraine, then the rebellion and war in Ukraine (due to Russia aggression). I also saw how Russian people were taken in by their leader, how this propaganda machine worked, and continues to work today.

    If you speak to most Russians, they say that there is propaganda everywhere, and they just choose to believe their own propaganda. This misinformation is guided precisely by the Russian government, telling people that the USA and EU only create “propaganda” to their benefit and want to harm Russia. In the meantime, the free press was destroyed in Russia, gays are beaten in the streets, as well as demonstrators against the government.

    Now there is slanted news, and there is precise propaganda: people in the Philippines must learn to understand the difference. A good example of Russian propaganda: I was living in Kyiv Ukraine during this war with Russia, and whenever I spoke to any Russian person I knew (in Russia) they would remark “isn’t it dangerous to live in Ukraine, with all the fascist killers running around. In real fact, the only fascist killers were those propagated in the east of Ukraine (many of them Russian citizens) or at the least influenced and supported with Russian arsenal. Ukrainian mentality is basically peaceful and freedom-loving, not unlike Pinoys.

    One only has to look at many Russians when in in other countries, like football fans, to see it is usually Russian fans (and usually vodka-drunk) who cause fights, who beat gays, etc. Unfortunately for most Russians who are just law-abiding individuals, this fairly large “brown-shirted” aggressive minority not only maligns their identity, but has created enormous economic problems (ongoing sanctions and loss of investment) in their country. China is not much less threatening with their obsession to control the media and internet, and quash anything resembling demonstrations that do not follow the party line. Now I am the first to agree with Hollywood filmmaker Oliver Stone that the USA and its massive military industrial complex are creating as much of a problem as a solution in the world at large, and that (post-) colony Europe is not always doing a much better job.

    And that a person like Donald Trump is really a political idiot and should never be given the reins of government. Yet when President Duterte makes his remarks about joining forces with China and Russia, and not the US and EU, I think he is a real ignorant fool – and also about what the streets of Manila will be like when it is not retirees and expats from USA/EU, but vodka-drunk Russian military beating up gays in the streets – a pleasant thought indeed. As well, Duterte’s remark about Americans seeing Pinoys as “our little brown brothers” is such an insult to intelligence (and similar to Russians calling Ukrainians “our little Slavic brothers”).. just more of the propaganda machine working its magic..

    Maybe this “final solution” idea of Hitler is not so far from Duterte’s mind, as he compares himself to not only Hitler, but before that Idi Amin (the African leader who killed millions of his own people). Duterte is not unlike a majority of his own people (no insult intended) when it comes to a lack of understanding of world history. When I showed a movie about the US Army discovering HItler’s death camps during WW2, my local friend had to search the internet to understand this, and asked me if it was really true?

    Well, there is no crime in not being interested in a Euro history that is so brutal and ugly, I agree – unless you are the leader of this country who needs to have to deal with this outside world – maybe repeat this history.


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