Waze to just display, “Wag na kayo lumabas, gago” during 30th ASEAN Summit


Mobile application WAZE will reportedly take a different approach during the upcoming 30th ASEAN Summit on April 26 – 29. The popular app will display the message “Wag na kayo lumabas, gago” when users attempt to find fastest routes to their respective destinations.

Gary Apal, head of Marketing for Waze, said that users will appreciate the honesty and directness of the app during this period.

“In all truthfulness, our servers would probably crash trying to help people find a place that has no traffic during the summit.”, Mr. Apal declared. “In super duper truthfulness, if there were no people driving at all, our jobs would be much easier.”

WAZE users can look forward to similar messages during other kinds of high traffic seasons such as Christmas. The marketing team have told us that they are currently choosing between “Si Santa nga stuck sa EDSA, gusto mo pa din lumabas?!?” and “Walang naghahanap sa’yo. Jan ka na lang sa bahay.”


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