Despite digging thousands of holes, MAYNILAD still unable to find Yamashita Treasure

“We almost want to give up”, Engineer Henry Abisamis revealed to Agila News during an exclusive interview. “We have inconvenienced so many people, destroyed many roads, and cost the country millions in lost productivity, but unfortunately we have nothing yet to show for it.”

Image result for maynilad digging
Pictured: One of the many supposed treasure sites

“I am genuinely surprised that people thought we were actually doing any water pipe maintenance work. We are obviously a treasure hunting organization from the very beginning.”, said Abisamis when confronted with the odd revelation on their plans. “Everyone knows that MAYNILAD stands for Man AY NId Lots Af Diamonds. It’s very clear in the name.” Abisamis continued, “That being said, we have to hire actual people who know about water pipes. They mainly help us avoid bursting any of them.”

Image result for yamashita treasure
“Grillz for everyone!”

Regardless of the setbacks and hassle to the greater public, MAYNILAD and Abisamis want to reassure the public that they will not stop until they find the mythical treasure.

Engr’ Abisamis noted that they will be scaling up efforts and will be looking into hiring foreign consultants to assist in the treasure hunting efforts. “We are waiting for approval from the government to secure contracts for Indiana Jones, Ben Gates, and Dora the Explorer. Their expertise will be invaluable in securing the treasure for future generations.”


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