Cars Without Drivers Are Now Banned In EDSA During Rush Hours – MMDA

blur cars dew drops
EDSA + Rains = Traffic. Photo by Kaique Rocha on

In a move to further decongest Metro Manila’s busiest thoroughfare, MMDA Special Action Group Approving Special Action (MMDA SAGASA) has declared that cars containing less than 1 driver per car will no longer be allowed to ply the roads during rush hours.

MMDA special spokesperson Manuelito Bukasdaan said on Tuesday afternoon, “We initially thought of banning cars with no passengers but that’s almost impossible to enforce because everybody has manyak tint and basing rider counts based on the fancy family stickers on the rear part of the cars is impractical. By the time our enforcers count the stickers, malayo na ho yung kotse specially during the 2 hours per day na moving yung traffic sa EDSA. ”

That said, MMDA SAGASA has targeted a more practical implementation – banning driverless cars. “Mas madali po kasi pag banned na lang yung mga walang drivers, kasi kita agad yun ng mga enforcer. Yung mga hindi umaandar at nakapatay yung makina. Mahuhuli po agad natin yun diba po?”

Asked by the press on whether this ban includes self-driving cars, Bukasdaan replied “Wala pa naman po ganun dito sa Pilipinas. Kung meron man, LTFRB na po yung bahala pagbawalan sila kasi po pag bumili ka ng driverless car, binayaran mo yung car, e yung car yung driver, pag binayaran mo yung car tapos sumakay ka, kolorum na po yun.”

Later today, a group of driverless cars called Autobots have announced their protests via their FB page. “Pano naman po kami? Naghahanapbuhay lang kami tapos kami pa rin yung madadamay. Bulok talaga ang sistema, ” they said in a post.

Implementation details are said to be rolled out in a month’s time.


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