Taxi Driver surprised to find out everybody hates him

A Taxi driver in Manila, whom we will call “Mang Emong” to protect his identity, has admitted that he was genuinely surprised to find out that most people did not like him.

Speaking to our field reporter earlier today, Mang Emong was given a list of complaints from his previous passengers. After reading the list, Emong expressed his shock at what people were saying about him.

Akala ko talaga gusto ng tao kapag humihingi ka ng dagdag sa bayad, kahit malapit lang ang pupuntahan” (I really thought that people liked it when you asked for additional payment, even if the destination is nearby), remarked the driver while counting his money.

Kailangan pala ibalik ang mga gamit ng pasahero na naiwan sa taxi pag balik ko ng garahe” (You are supposed to surrender items left by passengers?), exclaimed Mang Emong while using his “new” IPhone.

Ano!?! Bawal pala ang hawakan ang legs ng mga babaeng pasahero!” (What!?! Apparently it’s illegal to touch the legs of a woman passenger!”, said the father of two daughters.

When asked if this report would change his driving habits and etiquette, Mang Emong shrugged his shoulder, then scratched his head while saying, “Naku! Hinde pwede, talo tayo diyan!” (Oh no, I can’t do that)


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